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Nylon-coated Double Loop Wire SpoolPre-cut wire oStationery box double wire
Single-spiral Binding MachinePVC plastic single spiralNylon-coated Iron Single Spiral
PVC Plastic WireIron Single Spiral Forming Machine
About us

        Fusen was established in 2006,specializes in producing high-quality binding? materials equipments for after printing.Provide excellent full range of services for the printing companies,stationery companies and agents.
        Production of nylon-coated steel wire,PVC plastic line,double wire,PVC plastic single spiral,PET plastic single sprial,Iron single spiral,calendar hooks.All sizes and colors is available.Double wire size 3/16 -1-1/2 single spiral 6mm-50mm square hole, round,oval,tear pages pinhole, hole etc punching mold.
        For four years,our product quality has been highly praised by the customers.The company gradually developed from a small workshop to become a strength of the Binding Consumables Suppliers.Keeping to develop innovative,with a sound quality management system,a good system and good team.Engaged in binding industry more than ten years...

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Nylon-coated Iron Single Spiral,PVC plastic single spiral,Nylon-coated Double Loop Wire Spool,Pre-cut wire o,Stationery box double wire,Single-spiral Binding Machine ,Nylon-coated Binding Wire,
PVC Plastic Wire, Iron Single Spiral Forming Machine