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Double-wire Forming Machine

Sound precision PVC Plastic Spiral Forming Machine


Forming Size 6mm-50mm
Working Speed 10000-100000 loops/hr
Power Source and Power of Forming Part 220V 0.75KW
Power Source and Power of Heating Part 220V     2KW
Air Compressor (excluded) 0.75 kW
Air Pressure 5-6 bar
Motor Power 220v/ 2 Phase/60Hz
Overall demension(W x D x H)  2.52 x 1.02 x  1.0M
Net weight of machine 180KG



 FS-JSQ02  pvc plastic spiral forming machine

1.Automatic,easy to operate and control

2.Can produce PET and PVC spiral both

3.Including 13 kinds of spiral dies,1 set pitch mold

4.High speed exchage of dies

·PVC Plastic Spiral Forming Machine.jpg4.JPG1.JPG2.JPG3.JPG






sprial dies.jpg

Various size dies and pitch dies can be customized


1.high precision for processing dies and sound forming effect machine for all specification only change pitch die and forming die

3.Heating by hot water tank and forming cooling,can trim length accordingly

4.produce variety matetrails like PET,PVC,tec


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3.PVC plastic spiral forming machine

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