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Nylon-coated Double Loop Wire SpoolPre-cut wire oStationery box double wire
Single-spiral Binding MachinePVC plastic single spiralNylon-coated Iron Single Spiral
PVC Plastic WireIron Single Spiral Forming Machine
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Double-wire Forming Machine

● Easy to use.

● Compact design for heavy work.

Offer the option of perforation patterns for different address ranges drilling applications. A range of high quality tools for drilling are available to ensure all standard requirements.

Technical Specifications:

Manual Feed Type

Max. paper width 61 cms.

Max. drilled 60 cm width.

Max. 2 mm thick paper.

Speed ​​cycles / hr 2400-3000

Measurement bench (WxD) 89x29.5 cms.

energy 380V/3ph/60Hz

0.37 Kw power consumption

Dimensions (wxdxh) 97x80x100cm

Net Weight 368 Kg

Accessories Includes two molds: 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch

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PVC Plastic Wire, Iron Single Spiral Forming Machine