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The Fusen human resources management concept
Class, the satisfaction of human resources decision-making, with a professional staff and professional spirit, support and services.

The Fusen human resource management objectives
To attract first-rate talent in and provide incentives, training and development opportunities, so that employees can maximize its potential, while creating value for the company to achieve professional and personal development goals.

The Fusen human resources strategy
The spirit of being highly responsible and human capital management awareness, cited the recruitment, training, and use only and remain only;
Attaches great importance to the construction and development of the workforce, and talent as the company's most valuable asset;
Human resource is human capital, but also productivity.

Fusen guiding principles of Human Resource Management
Provide human resources services must be professional, efficient and practical;
Human resources policies, regulations, scientific rigor, the spirit of being highly responsible to seriously handle;
Aggressive, doing my attitude in the face of opportunities and challenges, to calmly deal with;
Sense of team become the basis of the working relationship of the departmental staff;
Integrity as guidelines for handling the company's internal and external relations;
On the application of human resource management strategies, techniques, methods, and innovative, and the times of human resources management to operate within the framework of the law.

Fusen human resources management team six factors of successTargeted process clear communication smooth 100% committed to equality appreciate sincere mutual trust 

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